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Best All-In-One DJ Systems 2023

Do you want to know what the best DJ Systems are for 2023? Well, then you have come to the right place! Here you will learn what a DJ System is and why they are quickly becoming a popular choice for many DJs across the globe.

A DJ System is a DJ controller and mixer all-in-one, meaning there is absolutely no need for a laptop. They boast powerful processors which can handle a multitude of tasks you throw at them.

To access your tracks and information you can connect your input devices, e.g. USBs directly to the units. Not all DJs are willing to take their precious, and expensive, laptops with them into a booth where they run the risk of damage.

Below we have named, what we believe, are the top DJ Systems currently on the market.

  • Pioneer DJ OPUS-QUAD Professional All-in-one DJ System
  • Denon DJ Prime 4 DJ System
  • Pioneer DJ XDJ-XZ DJ System
  • Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX3 All-in-One DJ System
  • Pioneer DJ XDJ-RR DJ System
  • Denon DJ Prime Go Smart DJ Console
  • Denon DJ SC LIVE 4 Standalone DJ Controller
  • Numark Mixstream Pro DJ Controller DJ System
  • Gemini SDJ-4000 Standalone DJ System

Pioneer DJ OPUS-QUAD Professional All-in-one DJ System

The Pioneer DJ OPUS-Quad is a 4-channel standalone all-in-one DJ System. The system is sleek looking, features a 10.1-inch touch display, two large jog-wheels, has an intuitive deck layout, flexible media support and produces high-quality sound. In addition, there are eight hot cues, Smart Rotary Selector, advanced professional effects, a Smart Cue feature, a Zone output option and proper track search functionality.

Pioneer DJ OPUS-QUAD Professional All-in-one DJ System

The OPUS-QUAD DJ System has a 4-deck standalone playback capability meaning that up to four tracks can be played on four decks simultaneously, cued up or leave a deck free for any requests that come your way. A great new feature is that the decks can be colour-coded, which is matched through the jog-wheel ring illumination.

The effects on the OPUS QUAD have been enhanced and feature Beat FX, Channel Select, FX Bank, XY-Pad, Sound Colour FX and Smooth Echo. In addition, the unit offers flexible connection options in the form of four USB inputs, Bluetooth wireless technology and runs with rekordbox or Serato DJ software.

Denon DJ Prime 4 DJ System

So, where better to start than with Denon DJs Prime 4. This standalone all-in-one DJ System features a powerful multi-core processor, tough enough to handle the most demanding of tasks. It also features a 10-inch touchscreen, professional DJ Mixer and two decks.

Denon DJ Prime 4 DJ System

It has four-deck control capability should you want to take things to the next level. There is an independent 3-band EQ and gain control on each of the four channels.

The Prime 4 comes with an array of features along with two highly durable and responsive jog wheels, each of which comes with an on-jog display situated in the centre, that provides vital information at a glance.

Some of the features we love here at The DJ Shop is the horizontal view where you can see waveforms horizontally, along with the streaming capabilities from Beatport, SoundCloud, Beatsource and TiDAL, all directly from the standalone unit.

It also comes with various input/output connections to offer several configuration setups. Additionally, Denon’s DJ System comes with its Engine Prime Music Management Software, which allows you to import digital music from other software applications including iTunes, rekordbox, Serato DJ Pro and Traktor Pro.

Finally, the unit comes with StagelinQ connection where mobile and event DJs can integrate lighting and video visuals into their performances.

Pioneer DJ XDJ-XZ DJ System

The XDJ-XZ is a rekordbox and Serato DJ Pro all-in-one DJ System. The fully-loaded system comes complete with a huge range of features which make you feel you are using the club-standard Pioneer CDJ-2000NXS2 and the DJM-900NXS2 setup.

Pioneer DJ XDJ-XZ DJ System

The standalone unit features a 7-inch LCD touchscreen, full-sized jog wheels with on-jog display, has 4-channels, 14 beat FX, 6 Sound Colour FX, sixteen multi-coloured performance pads, (eight on each deck), and an array of many other buttons, knobs and controls. There are a huge amount of input/output options, which allows for setup flexibility.

The XDJ-XZ also features Pro DJ Link which means that external equipment can be flawlessly synced, a first for an all-in-one DJ System.

The XDJXZ is rekordbox and Serato DJ Pro ready. This standalone system is extremely versatile and suitable for any number of locations or venues. A grab handle is also featured within its design for ease of transportation in mind.

Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX3 All-in-One DJ System

The Pioneer XDJ-RX3 is a 2-channel all-in-one DJ system and DJ controller crammed with features. It has a 10.1-inch touchscreen display, durable jog wheels with colour on jog display, 16 performance pads (8 on each deck), 14 Beat FX and 6 Sound Colour FX.

Pioneer XDJ-RX3

Additionally, some features have been taken from the industry club-standard CDJ-3000 multi-player and DJM-900NXS2 mixer, including the layout of the RX3 and browse section.

The powerful DJ System is hard-wearing, easily transportable and produces high-quality audio making it ideal for both parties and events. Software comes with the XDJRX3 in the form of Rekordbox and Serato DJ Pro (coming early 2022), providing effortless plug-and-play capability.

Technical specifications of the XDJRX3 has a frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz and an S/N Ratio of 110dB. There are numerous connections, including two phono, two Line, two microphone and two AUX inputs, along with one booth, two master, two phones, two USB Type-A and one USB Type-B outputs.

Pioneer DJ XDJ-RR DJ System

The Pioneer XDJ-RR is a 2-channel standalone all-in-one DJ System that sits in the footsteps of the XDJ-RX2. It comes with several features from the industry-standard NXS2 series and uses rekordbox DJ music management software.

Pioneer DJ XDJ-RR DJ System

XDJ-RR features a 7-inch display, large jog-wheels, a 60mm tempo fader, four durable performance pads on each deck, and numerous buttons, knobs and controls.

There are many input and outputs within the unit including a dual USB port, where a USB storage device can be used to load your tracks.

You will find there is the option to connect a laptop if desired; however, the RR is quite capable of working well without! Again, a rekordbox licence key is included with the purchase of the XDJRR.

Denon DJ Prime Go Smart DJ Console

The Denon DJ Prime Go is a 2-deck rechargeable smart DJ Console. It is packed with features including a 7-inch HD touchscreen display, in-built Wi-Fi, capacitive touch jog wheels, dual-bank performance pads and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that produces up to 4 hours of unplugged performance capability.

Denon DJ Prime Go

With numerous firmware and software updates since its release, the Prime Go has many new and updated features, including Virtual DJ integration, flexible steaming capability, overhauled database, Engine Lighting by SoundSwitch and Ableton Link Wireless communication connection.

The Prime Go is run using the powerful ENGINE OS software, which features an onboard Engine Prime Librarian software and allows compatibility with other DJ software and libraries. In addition, the unit features several connections, including two dedicated XLR mic inputs, one RCA unbalanced, SD and USB media source inputs, two balanced XLR outputs, one RCA unbalanced output, booth outputs, two ¼-inch balanced outputs and two headphone outputs.

Technicalities of the Smart DJ Console include a frequency response of between 20Hz to 20kHz, a dynamic range of >109dB and a signal-to-noise ratio of <92dB.

Denon DJ SC LIVE 4 Standalone DJ Controller

The Denon DJ SC LIVE 4 is a 4-channel, club-style, standalone DJ controller. It features built-in WiFi, 7-inch HD touchscreen, 6-inch high-resolution jog wheels and is the worlds first DJ integration with the streaming service, Amazon Music unlimited.

Denon DJ SC LIVE 4

The Live 4 features high-quality speakers that are built into the controller system that includes independent volume control. The controller is powered by Engine DJ OS software. The unit also includes SD and two USB ports, XLR and RCA main output, 1/4-inch booth output, two microphone inputs and an aux input.

Denon DJ SC LIVE 2

It is worth noting that there is also a Denon DJ SC LIVE 2 which is a 2-channel version of the LIVE 4 and still includes the majority of the high-quality features the 4-channel controller possesses.

Numark Mixstream Pro DJ Controller DJ System

The Numark Mixstream Pro is a powerful DJ Controller packed with features and offers advanced music accessibility and connectivity. The controller has built-in Wi-Fi that provides effortless streaming whenever and wherever access is required. It also has high-quality speakers built into the unit, which is a first for a standalone controller.

Numark Mixstream Pro DJ Controller DJ System

Other features included a 7-inch high-definition touchscreen display, 6-inch scratch wheels that feature smart scratch and are touch capacitive, four dual-layer performance pads and an FX section.

The Mixstream Pro is driven by the powerful Engine DJ software, which alone is intuitive, powerful and fast. Technically the controller has a frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz, S/N Ratio of 94dB and a dynamic range of 114dB. Connections include a mic input and two XLR outputs, one RCA output, one 1/4-inch and 1/8-inch stereo output, three USB ports and one SD card slot.

Gemini SDJ-4000 Standalone DJ System

The Gemini SDJ-4000 is an all-in-one standalone DJ system with four channels.

Gemini SDJ-4000 Standalone DJ System

The powerful DJ system is crammed with features such as a 7-inch display, 16 LED-illuminated durable rubber performance pads, two 6-inch touch-sensitive high-resolution platters, faders and easy integration with V-CASE software.

The SDJ4000 has some beneficial master effects and DSP FX processing, Vinyl/Slip modes, Key Play, Loops, Slicer and Sampler. There is also a selection of valuable connections, including two microphone inputs, balanced XLR/unbalanced RCA master outputs and a dedicated booth output.


All of the DJ Systems mentioned above are exceptional all-in-one standalone units, and they all have their merits. It is personal choice as to whether an all-in-one system is for you. The current units offer so much in the form of flexibility, longer battery life, powerful software, use of the lastest technology and offer great streaming capbilities. The alternative would be to explore the option of an individual DJ mixer and XDJ/CDJ setup as opposed to the standalone, all-in-one option.


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